Become a Green Streets Champion in 2017

Get rewarded for your commute and gain visibility for your firm by becoming a Green Streets Champion. Register your workplace for the 2017 Workplace Walk/Ride Day Challenge starting on the last friday of April. Have fun, win prizes, get discounts, and feel good about your healthy impact.

Be one of the first 20  new corporations and champions to register by April 20, 2017 to receive a complimentary adult kick scooter from Micro Kickboard. The challenge is open to corporations/workplaces based anywhere in the U.S. or world.

Based in Cambridge, MA, Green Streets Initiative is dedicated to celebrating and promoting the use of sustainable and active transportation. Participating firms encourage employees to “check-in” on the last Friday of each month on the Green Streets website to record their commutes. After checking in, participants can see the impact of their commute in terms of calories burned and Kg of carbon dioxide emissions saved.


Walk/Ride Day Check In Impact

Walk/Ride day participants are rewarded through raffles and retailer discounts. Firms and/or departments of similar size and industry are ranked through a web-based leaderboard based on several metrics, including participation, greener commutes, and healthy switches. At the end of the year, Green Streets rewards winners with the highest metrics. Participating firms also benefit by receiving personalized reports summarizing the health and environmental impacts of their workplace’s participation in the Challenge.

Register now to take part in the 2017 corporate challenge which starts on April 27, 2017.