Become a Green Streets Champion

Get rewarded for your commute and gain visibility for your workplace by becoming a Green Streets Champion. Register your workplace for the Workplace Walk/Ride Day Challenge starting on the last friday in April and running monthly through October.

Based in Cambridge, MA, Green Streets Initiative is dedicated to celebrating and promoting the use of sustainable and active transportation through a monthly day of awareness called Walk/Ride Day. Participating firms encourage employees to “check-in” during the week of Walk/Ride Day by recording their normal and Walk/Ride Day commutes. Employee commuting statistics and the Co2 and caloric impact of healthier or greener changes made on Walk/Ride Day count towards their workplace’s leaderboard rank.

In 2017, the challenge motivated 15% of all participants and 35% of drivers to make a switch to a greener or a healthier mode.

2017 WRD Impact new infographic

Contact Green Streets at to inquire about registering for the 2019 Challenge.