Demo a Micro Kick Scooter

Are you interested in adding speed, control and fun to your daily commute?

If you live in the Boston-area, try out a Micro Kick Scooter to find one that best fits your style and commuting terrain. Micro scooters are guaranteed to give a boost to your current mode of commuting, whether public transportation, car or walking-focused. Check out Hugh Jackman riding one! Fill out the form below to arrange an appointment for a demo.  Depending on your location, we may be able to bring the scooters to you.

Swiss company Micro makes the world’s best-rated scooters and kickboards and is now leading the way as an innovator in active transport solutions. Micro’s designs are known for their light weight, portability, and durability. Micro’s newest ways to move around town include the e-micro electric scooter, the Pedalflow folding bike (no seat, no problem) and the Suspension, an urban-strength, smooth-gliding, foldable kick scooter for commuters. Micro Luggage, seen frequently in the Celebrity Press ridden by Jaden Smith, is the Micro way to fly through airports.


Folded scooter


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