About the blog

Welcome to Happy Commutes where we tackle one of human being’s most unhappy moments: the commute. Behavioral economists have found that the morning commute is the least enjoyable part of the day (check out Happy Commutes: an Oxymoron?). This trend is only likely to continue in cities as more people move in and traffic congestion worsens. The good news is that we can do something about our discontent. Cities can create low-stress bicycle and pedestrian routes and improve the speed and reliability of public transportation. People can be encouraged to use more active and reliable forms of commuting by using bikes, scooters and their own two feet.

This site hopes to cover changes in urban mobility and motivate individuals to seek out healthier ways to get around town. Read about the latest mobility innovations. Learn about how cities are changing to encourage healthier and more sustainable commuting. Try out a kick scooter to add speed, control and fun to the last mile of your commute. Become a Green Streets champion by signing up your company/department/group to participate in The Green Streets Initiative Walk/Ride Day Corporate Challenge Between April and October.

Finally, let us know how you commute so we can tailor our content appropriately.