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Hyperloop on demand: is that really necessary?


Photo: Elon Musk

I am all about new transportation technology, particularly if it leads to more energy and time efficient travel, but this statement from a recent article on the Hyperloop makes me cringe:

“I think Hyperloop is going to be the fifth mode of transportation incrementally providing options for existing modes and we’ll need to connect with those modes,” he says. “We’ll need to be able to order a Hyperloop on your phone, show up at the station whenever you want and maybe catch an Uber at the other end. And that’s the kind of end to end experience that we think we’ll be delivering in an on-demand economy.”

The hyperloop is a public transportation solution after all, not a personal one.  I hope to live to experience a 30 minute commute between LA and San Fran or Boston and NY at about 1/4th the energy consumption of a two passenger car, but I don’t need to program this ridiculously short commute. Get to the Hyperloop how and when you want, on demand (by Uber, or, my personal favorite, a foldable scooter). But, by all means, have a little patience to wait for the next Hyperloop.