Review of the eMicro Electric Scooter

I finally got my hands on the eMicro from Micro Scooters a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been having a blast riding it around Boston.  I also took it to Long Island, New York over Memorial Day Weekend. As I wrote about in an earlier post, It’s the lightest electric scooter on the market at 16.5 pounds. With this new vehicle in my arsenal, I can now travel much farther with less effort. The picture below of the scooter’s box cover provides its key stats:

eMicro Box

Light does not mean flimsy. On the contrary, it is made of high quality, robust parts and it is incredibly high-tech. The scooter is motion-controlled which means that the motor engages based on the rider’s movements. To make sure the rider is ready for the motor to kick in, she/he has to be going at 3mph before the motor engages. The back of the deck is packed with sensors and when you perform a scooter kick, the scooter will continue to accelerate until it reaches a maximum speed of 15 mph. This “kick assist” technology makes riding more fun when compared to riding a standard electric scooter that is either “on” or “off”.

Check out my homemade video below to see how the motion control works. Once you get going, you don’t even need to make contact with the pavement to keep the motor engaged. I was able to maintain the top speed simply by moving my foot up and down near the back of the deck. I keep my foot flat and press down in a stepping motion.

The battery lasts between 7.5 and 10 miles before needing a recharge. Getting back to a full charge only takes 1 hour, record time compared to other electric scooters. Another cool energy-efficient feature of this scooter is that braking will re-charge the battery.

I highly recommend riding the eMicro on bike lanes and greenways such as the Esplanade and Southwest Corridor park in Boston. It is less comfortable to ride on sidewalks that have wide cracks compared to riding a regular adult Micro kick scooter (I ride an air tire scooter). That being said, it is appropriate for sidewalks and it passes as a regular kick scooter. Furthermore, setting 1 of the scooter’s three power settings was designed to meet Germany’s new law regulating electric scooter use on sidewalks (250 Watt, 10 mph max.).

In conclusion, the eMicro is guaranteed to uplift your commute. It comes with a portable charger that you can easily take with you to work. As with my other gear, the scooter is available for a trial or for rent.

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